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Is The Howling Haunted Trail scary?
Yes! This haunt is not for the faint of heart or youngsters. We pride ourselves in giving each victim a frightening fun time. If you get too scared once on the trail, please alert one of our cast members and they will escort you from the haunt. 

How many people can go into the trail at one time?
The smaller the group, the better the experience. Therefore, we limit groups to 5 victims. If your group is larger than 5, we'll do our best to send each group back-to-back. 

How long does it take to go through the trail?
Each group is different. Some victims take longer than others. Plan for a 25-30+ minute minimum upon entrance to the trail. 

Is there an age limit?
We strongly recommend those 13+ on the trail due to the scare factors on the trail. Teens under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. No exceptions.

What if it rains? Do we get our money back?
No. All sales are final. The Howling Haunted Trail is a fundraiser for Adopt-A-Pet. Once tickets are purchased, all funds go to this non-profit organization. We are in Michigan, so dress according to the weather.

Do you have group discounts?
Yes! If you have a group larger than 20 people, please contact us HERE for discount information.

Are cast members allowed to touch me?
No. Here at The Howling, our characters keep their hands to themselves, and we expect our victims to do the same. Anyone touching will be escorted off the grounds.

Can I take pictures or videos?
No. Once on the grounds, any and all recording is strictly prohibited. Anyone found taking photos or video will be escorted off the grounds. 

If I buy tickets online, do I still have to wait in line?
Once you arrive please proceed to the Pre-Sale line and check in at the Admission Booth. Victims must then wait until it is your turn and can pass the time by visiting our beer tent (21+) or food tent.

Do you have a concession stand?
This year we will be offering food for sale provided by  a food truck. We also offer a beer tent for our victims 21+ with a variety of adult and other beverages for additional cost. 

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
No. All sales are final. The Howling Haunted Trail is a fundraiser for Adopt-A-Pet. Once tickets are purchased, all funds go to this non-profit organization.

Can I bring my dog?
Unfortunately, no. Even though this haunt is located on the grounds of Adopt-A-Pet, we cannot allow pets to join you on the trail.

Is your haunt handicap accessible?
The Howling Haunted Trail is completely outdoors, and goes through various trails and over terrain that can become muddy, wet, etc. Therefore, this haunt is not handicap accessible.

Where is The Howling located?
The Howling Haunted Trail is located on the grounds of Adopt-A-Pet, 13575 N. Fenton Rd. in Fenton. Parking and trail head can be found behind the building.

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